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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

70th Birthday Candy Basket
Reaching the age of 70 is a milestone. Someone this age is well into his or her senior years, but still may not be considered elderly. Those who know someone who is about to reach this age may wonder what to give as a 70th birthday gift.

Someone who is turning 70 may not expect a wild birthday party. However, there are many dignified ways of celebrating this special birthday. One way is to present the celebrant with one of a variety of candy baskets. Marking the year of the person's birth, a 1942 Nostalgic Candy Box features items he or she may remember as a child. These include Satellite Wafers, Chiclets and cigar-shaped bubble gum. A box of Retro Candy is another memorable 70th birthday gift. Among the fun contents of these gift baskets are Boston Baked Beans and Wax Lips.

A 70th Birthday Gift Celebration basket of candy is also filled with items from the past, including candy cigarettes and Turkish Taffy. Celebrating the decade in which the person was born is a "Candy Memories from the 40s" box. Its contents include Sugar Daddy, Tootsie Roll and Bit-O-Honey candies, Red Hots and a candied necklace. Another gift idea that may bring back memories from the past is a retro nostalgic basket, which features SweeTarts and Lifesavers.

Gift baskets of the 70th Birthday Celebration Junior variety contain 30 types of candies that should bring any septuagenarian back to his or her youth, including Chuckles, pumpkin seeds and an old licorice pipe. As a reminder that someone turning 70 is getting up there, the "Over the Hill Birthday Box" not only comes with candies but such toys as Silly Putty a Chinese Yo Yo. A pair of Happy Birthday 70th glasses will remind everyone of the person's age, and a Chantilly Lane Singing Bear will make someone's birthday lovable by singing the birthday song. Wearing a birthday cake hat and sash, the bear has a flat bottom that allows it to sit upright.

Birthday candy baskets can make for a festive day, but there are other ways to celebrate someone turning 70. Consider having a potluck luncheon and have the guests bring their favorite dishes. Another possibility is to put up decorations that are built around the theme of being 70. What celebrities are the same age? What events occurred the year the celebrant was born?

Candy baskets can be fun for older adults, and so can banners and balloons. Another idea is to put together a scrapbook of mementos for the person. Those who want to celebrate out on the town can plan a get-together at everyone's favorite restaurant. Those in their 70s often need things that are practical, so make the birthday gift a warm blanket. Those who like gags may get a laugh when they receive an inflatable walker or a bottle of prune juice.

Every birthday is special, but few are as special as the 70th. There are many ways to celebrate it, but one of the best ways is with birthday candy baskets.

by: Woodstock Candy


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