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Friday, August 10, 2012
60th Birthday Candy Basket
Post war homes and babies, later referred to as boomers, were popping up everywhere. Television was relatively new on the American scene. Elvis had risen to fame and the American dream was big and hopeful again. Imagine what someone who is receiving a 60th birthday gift has seen in their lifetime! Truly, the birthday person deserves something celebratory like a beautiful birthday cake or a delicious 60th candy basket.

It is said that when television first appeared on the scene, many people thought it was just another passing fad. It was quite expensive, costing nearly an average annual salary for one set! The price eventually came down and over the years, nearly every American had a television in the home. It did not take long for regular television shows to begin airing, drawing large audiences that couldn't wait to tune in to watch new episodes of their favorites. Homemakers quickly incorporated the new sets into their decor, displaying family photos, plants and candy baskets atop them.

When planning a celebratory birthday event for a loved one who has experienced many adventures, and has seen some amazing inventions over the last 60 years, a slide show could be included, as a 60th birthday gift! It would be interesting to show party attendees, slides of the honored guest, family members changing through the years and some of the events and inventions that have come to pass. The younger set may be surprised to learn that items they take for granted, such as the television remote, the microwave and cordless tools have not been around for that long!

It is fascinating to discover that mass air travel in a jet liner has only been possible since 1958! Boeing is credited with the production of the 181 passenger, four engine plane that changed travel forever. Americans were ecstatic to be able to travel from New York to Los Angeles, and to romantic Paris. A more personal invention, in the form of the birth control pill, came on the scene in 1957 freeing many women from the constant stress of being concerned about pregnancy.

As party guests enjoy cake, ice cream, nuts and candy baskets, the slide show can keep rolling with ingenious American inventions. In the 1960's, the industrial robot, LED technology, unmanned aerial vehicles and the communications satellite, all came onto the scene. Many folks remember President John F. Kennedy being broadcast live, as he held a press conference in Washington D.C. The 1960s and 70s also brought the first video games, music synthesizers, automated teller machines, smoke detectors, digital music, the Sony Walkman, the first cellphones and global positioning systems! More importantly, In-Vitro fertilization, pacemakers and the ability to give patients an MRI, gladden doctor's hearts!

A 60th birthday party should be marked with family, good friends, delicious food and sweet memories of days gone by. As, favorite flowers, gifts and a 60th candy basket are presented to the beloved birthday guest, words of love and appreciation are sure to be spoken!

by: Woodstock Candy


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