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Sunday, July 29, 2012
I love Lucy Mug

Lucille Ball, the iconic redhead that everyone knows and loves from I Love Lucy never seems to go out of style. The show, which is still featured on TV and immortalized in DVD box sets can still make just about anyone chuckle. Lucy and Ricky are quoted and referenced throughout popular culture and it can be argued that the show is the archetype for all situation comedies that came thereafter. The stars truly made the show shine. Lucy and her pal’s high jinks are simply classic TV that is still relocatable today. That is probably why I Love Lucy gifts are still a great way to show someone you care about them.

I Love Lucy mugs remain a top seller in the shopping category of mugs and TV memorabilia. Frankly, everyone needs a good picture of that hilarious redhead with their cup of Java in the morning or with their tea at night; whichever your preference. While I Love Lucy mugs are hot sellers year round, there are a ton of I Love Lucy gifts that any I Love Lucy Fan would be happy to get.

Each piece of Lucy memorabilia on the market usually has a classic scene depicted on it. Many I Love Lucy mugs feature Lucy, and her gal pal Ethel, in some sort of hilarious predicament. Everyone has a different scene that they love the most; but most people rank Lucy and Ethel working the candy factory amongst their favorites. Other people fell in love with Lucy’s drunken commercial for “Vita-meta-vega-min”. Whatever scene you or a friend loves there is usually memorabilia for it. There are also mugs that feature Lucy with her, fabulous, famous husband Ricky; the stoic Cuban who simply doesn’t understand how Lucy gets herself so involved in shenanigans.

Lucille Ball and her co-stars created a show, for years that had people rolling on the ground laughing. That type of comedy is hard to come by these days, which is probably why the show and presents relating to Lucy are still so popular today. Either way, the reasons don’t matter; the only thing that matters is that Lucy, Ricky, Ethel and Fred products are still readily available for the public to consume. A rabid Lucy fan will likely drool over any piece of merchandise that features that famous redhead, so picking up a Lucy piece makes perfect sense for anyone who loves the show.

There is likely an I Love Lucy fan amongst your group of friends. There is always at least one Lucy fan in every group. Think about which one of your friends is a fan of classic TV and consider an I Love Lucy theme for their next birthday gift. Maybe the person you need a birthday gift for is a friend like Lucy was to Ethel who could use some classic TV in their life. Whatever the situation is there is a Lucy gift out there that will certainly do the trick. Consider giving the gift of classic TV memorabilia next time you need to purchase a present.

by: Woodstock Candy


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