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Sunday, October 7, 2012

50th Birthday Retro Candy and Toys Gift Basket

Turning 50 is a remarkable milestone, and calls for a unique and memorable celebration. Some welcome it while others feel self-conscious about it. As a result, finding a gift for someone turning 50 can be a bit challenging.

Many of us love remembering our childhood as it gives us time to recapture moments of our youth. One of the best ways to usher in someone’s 50th birthday is to give them a chance to relive their childhood – to feel youthful again. Because it’s the thought that counts, giving retro candy gift baskets as a birthday gift is an ingenious idea.

Candy is a favorite among kids and adults alike. For kids, candy is part of our childhood memories. For adults, candy is the gateway to reliving that childhood. More importantly, candy from our childhood just tastes good! Giving 50th birthday retro candy gift baskets as 50th birthday gifts will make that birthday girl or birthday boy feel youthful. It also makes you look like a rock star for giving such a unique and thoughtful birthday gift!

Retro candy gift baskets will have the recipient (and even partygoers) wanting to tear into it. It’s filled with all the sweet, good tasting candies that people from that era grew up eating. Your friend or loved one will be amazed to see that the 50th birthday retro candy gift basket has as many as 40 different kinds of candy! Notable mentions include Red Hots, Fun Dip, Pixy Stix, and Jujubes. It’s reminiscent of Halloween or Easter and makes them feel like kids all over again.

There is a variety of themes for retro candy gift baskets. You can select a funny theme, poke fun about them being “over the hill,” impart a touch of inspiration, or present them with a fun and celebratory basket. Some of the basket selections include both retro candy and toys. Imagine having a basket of candies like Tootsie Rolls and Charleston Chews while playing with a Slinky or paddleball. Before you know it, everyone at the party (including the birthday boy or birthday girl) will be taken back in time.

by: Woodstock Candy


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