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Tuesday, December 18, 2012
Are you having a hard time finding ideas for 50th birthday gift? We have a group of dedicated people that makes finding that perfect gift for your favorite 50th birthday boy, or girl easy. We have a small list of gifts compiled from sincere to cynical. Whether you want them to cry or laugh; this list has them all.

The first ideas for 50th birthday gift contain the humor side. Everyone faces that “hill,” and we all know the jokes are going to come, so why not be the one that gets the gift that brings the loudest laughs? These are some of our favorite gag gifts: The inflatable walking chair, the shirt that reads, “Keep calm you’re only 50” or “Caution 50 and slow.” There are a plethora of little gag gifts like: cut tennis balls, dirt in a bag, little wooden coffins, a bike horn on a hat, black balloons, and “over the hill” written on anything you can think of.

The next ideas for 50th birthday gift come on the nicer side of things, the true, meaningful, thoughtful, and loving gifts. These gifts say that you care that someone is getting older, and they mean a lot to you. You could start by getting nostalgic gifts from the year they were born; candy, stickers, signs, clothes, or some old toys. Also, getting classic rock albums like the Beatles or Rolling Stones is a nice touch; as the bands are celebrating 50 years of rock and roll. The classic gift for women is pearls; nothing says “I love you” like pearls. Then there is the standard cards that come with deep and meaningful messages. Let the birthday person feel good about turning 50.

Finally, you can get the birthday person in question a current practical gift that will serve a better purpose in today’s world. A 50 dollar bill is a classic gift wrapped in a card. A gift card to their favorite restaurant; food makes everyone smile. Getting something engraved with the year they were born on it like a flask, belt buckle, lighter, or even a knife. The standard slippers or pajamas work well too. People want to be comfortable, especially at 50!

We hope this little list helps you pick out that perfect gift, or several gifts. We all know that 50 years of anything is a milestone, and we should celebrate, laugh, and enjoy their lives, especially if you get the last laugh!

by: Woodstock Candy


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