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Friday, December 21, 2012

The 1950’s was a glorious time for music, when the first examples of Rock and Roll appeared. It was a generation that paved the way for all the musicians we idolize to this very day. Plus, towards the end of the 50’s, we saw the beginning and rise of R&B music. Here are some music in the 1950s facts.

The 1950’s also mark the rise of recording advancements. For example, it was in the 1950’s when four-track recordings first appeared, more specifically in Les Paul and Mary Ford’s “How High the Moon”, which they recorded in 1951. Plus, the early 50’s was full of some of the biggest names in music, with artists like Dean Martin, Nat King Cole, and Frank Sinatra. This was, of course, when big bands were still very popular. A time when Hank Williams, the famous country star, was on top of the world. However, the mid 50’s was a much different time.

Rock and Roll is still a major cultural fascination to this day; for this reason, it was one of the most important cultural revolutions of any period of American history. The 1950’s was of course a time of repression and extreme conservatism, and this small group of artists came along to wake everyone from their slumber. Rock and Roll was first coined by Alan Freed, a disk jockey in the 1950’s. Some of the early rock songs were “Rocket 88” by Ike Turner and “Shake, Rattle and Roll” by Big Joe Turner. Years later the introduction of the King of Rock and Roll came.

The King is of course Elvis Presley, who began releasing music in 1956. The first one of Elvis’s songs to become a national hit was “Heartbreak Hotel”, and this was the song that started a major phenomenon. Many will also remember Elvis as one of the first musicians to become a sex symbol for the youth of America. Elvis was the original bad boy, and without him a lot of the music we listen to wouldn’t be around. Artists like Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Little Richard also put Rock and Roll into the mainstream.

Another artist who thrived during the 50’s was Buddy Holly. His story is tragic, but he helped pave the way for future rock musicians. Holly made such hits as “That’ll be the day”, but his life was cut short on February 3rd, 1959. Buddy Holly was killed in a plane crash, which was also carrying the Big Bopper and Richie Valens, other notable 50’s musicians. Later in the 50’s music went back towards pop, but kept the Rock and Roll format. Rock and Roll didn’t end there though; in fact, many bands today cite these artists as major influences.

The music in the 1950s facts shows how important the music has been in developing our current society.

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