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Sunday, April 28, 2013
Looking for a truly unique gift can be very difficult. However, there are many options out there for those who really love candy. Finding something that they will really enjoy isn't difficult, especially if they are interested in Asian culture. Also, if they love peace signs and other cute symbols they may love a candy assortment featuring the Chinese symbol for peace and love. This makes a wonderful gift that allows people to show that they recognize that a friend both has a sweet tooth and an interest in the Chinese culture, not to mention peace love and happiness.

This assortment is called Peace, Love and Happiness, and includes a wide variety of different candies. It makes a perfect gift for all sorts of different occasions, including birthdays, anniversaries or as a thank you. This assortment includes candies such as Pixy Stix, wax lips, Dots and Razzles. Overall, the assortment comes with forty kinds of candy. These are retro types of candy, most of them big favorites from the childhood of that generation most associated with peace signs, love and happiness (yes, I mean those old hippies, the baby boomers). Even if somebody isn't sure what kind of candy a friend may want, there is something here that will please everybody. Those who love candy will love all of the different options in this assortment. It comes at a great price, and people don't have to worry about picking out a gift after this. It is both very personal, and very easy to order.

The Chinese symbol for peace and love is also present on the front of the packaging for this assortment. It can show that a person has been paying attention to the interests of the person that they are giving this gift to, and that is very thoughtful. Different symbols are on a card that comes with the candy, and those who know a little bit about Chinese culture may appreciate seeing these as well. Even if the person doesn't know much about the Chinese, the words are also written in English on the card as well. For that reason, everybody will be able to appreciate this lovely and thoughtful gift of candy.

This is a gift that everybody can enjoy, and it also displays a touching message. Wishing whoever receives it peace and love is something that everybody will appreciate. Candy is something that almost everybody loves, so it is hard to go wrong with this gift assortment. If they know anything about Chinese culture or symbols, they may find it particularly interesting as well. It is a gift that works for almost any occasion, and it is easy to get started ordering and have it sent to a family member or friend.

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