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Monday, April 15, 2013
For some people turning 50 is just another day, while for others it’s a huge deal. A 50th birthday is an important milestone in a person’s life. It means that you made it through half a century, with hopefully another half to go. Some people prefer to spend this important day with just family, while others like to take to the town to celebrate it with friends. Either way, turning 50 is an important birthday and deserves a unique gift.

Finding a unique gift idea for 50th birthday can be a fun thing to do. There are many websites and stores out there that cater to finding just the right unique gift idea for a 50th birthday.

For women, you could put together a “pamper yourself” basket. Just find an old wicker basket and put some of her favorite CD’S in it. They do not have to be expensive, many stores sell CD’S very cheap and you can even download them from the Internet and put them on a CD yourself. Make some homemade cookies and place them in a nice box along with some tea bags and hot chocolate. Go to the dollar store and pick up some magazines she might like and add a few pieces of gourmet chocolate. You could also put in some nail polish along with some face cream or make up. Any women would enjoy this unique gift.

Here are some unique gift ideas for men for their 50th birthday. You could get them tickets to some events you know he likes to attend, or consider getting then a gift certificate to their favorite store. Gag gifts are always a good choice, everyone likes a good laugh, and turning 50 is the perfect time to give a gag gift.

You could also arrange for them to meet up with some of their old friends that they have been out of touch with, considering they still want to see them. Another unique idea would be to go and find out what the number one song was the year that the person was born, and make a CD of all the number one songs from the year the person was born up to the present number one song. This will give that person many hours of enjoyment. You could also find out the movie that won an Oscar the year the person was born and buy it for them on a DVD. If you would like to be more extravagant, then you could get them a DVD of the film that won an Oscar for each decade up until the present year.

Another unique 50th birthday gift would be to buy the person 50 lottery tickets. You never know, one of them just may be the big winner!!!

by: Woodstock Candy


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