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Saturday, April 20, 2013
Often times coming up with creative ideas for get well presents for guys can be difficult; you want to show you care, but finding what is appropriate to give as a get well gift that is not overly expensive and is not flowers (not many guys really want to receive flowers) can be difficult. A fun way to cheer someone up, and break out of the box, is to try buying them unusual get well gifts. Gifts like these are easily found, and are a more imaginative way to show someone you are thinking about them than just sending a “Get Well” card. Here is a list of some fun unusual get well gifts that are bound to cheer someone up.

1. A Get Well Retro Candy Box: Many online suppliers offer fun throwback get well candy sets. These include many fun classic candies including: Sugar Daddies, Pixie Sticks, Now and Later’s, Pop Rocks, taffy, and much more. These sets will bring someone back to their childhood, and excite/entertain them enough to make them forget they are not feeling well. Plus, receiving candy is always better than receiving a card.

2. A Joke Book: It may sound simple, and it may sound lame, but if someone is not feeling well, they could probably use a good laugh to help cheer them up. A cheesy cheap joke book may not be high quality, but the ridiculousness of the jokes will provide a few laughs, and help provide a distraction for a while.  It truly is a fact that laughter will help in healing.

3. Cheesy Hats: Hats like you would find at the 99 Cent store, or at a party supply store, are a fun and unusual get well present. Make a fun game out of trying on a bunch of the ridiculous hats and taking pictures of each other. Ensuring that someone is happy and in a good mood is the best way you can help speed up their recovery.

4. A Tickle Me Elmo Doll: Go to a children’s store and find the most ridiculous/ hilarious throwback toy you can find (it does not have to be Tickle Me Elmo). If you know the person well, try to find a toy they had as a kid to make a fun inside joke out of it. Laughter truly is the best medicine, and providing a unique and entertaining gift will go a lot father in helping a person recover than a get well card will.

This is just a list of general ideas to help you find an unusual get well gift. The important thing about a get well present is to find something that will cheer the person up, and provide them a distraction. Often times, unusual get well gifts are the best means by which to do this; the person will be so shocked, excited, or busy dying of laughter, that they will not have the time to focus on the fact that they are not well. Putting in the extra effort to look for a creative get well gift can go a long way in helping someone feel better.

by: Woodstock Candy


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