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Saturday, July 20, 2013
Costumes are great ways to incorporate a little fun into everyday life. Although wearing a costume to certain events may seem odd, costumes are mandatory for many specific parties and events. A Santa Clause costume is one costume that may or may not be needed for different holidays. Although it is an obvious choice for Christmas, a Santa suit may not be the best costume for a Halloween party. That has not stopped many people from purchasing a Santa suit XXXL for Christmas, Halloween, and other costume parties.

The Santa suit XXXL is an excellent choice for a plus size individual who wants to have a jolly time. The costume comes complete with a red coat. The coat is lined with the classic white faux fur. It can be worn easily and offers a zippered closure for easy on and off. It has long sleeves and is very warm. The costume also includes a pair of matching red pants. The pants have a drawstring waist they are easy to put on and take off. Plus, the drawstring waist makes them adjustable so whoever wears the Santa suit XXXL will have a truly custom fit. The coat will fit anyone up to a 76" chest. It is 33 inches long so it is a great option for the big AND tall person. The drawstring feature of the pants can accommodate anyone with up to a 60-inch waist.

The Santa suit set also includes a red hat. The red hat perfectly matches the red and white coat and pants. The hat is incredibly whimsical and the perfect compliment to the Santa costume. The Santa suit set also includes plush trimmed tops for boots. Of course, no Santa costume is complete without a white beard. The costume includes a long white beard and a wig of matching white hair. 

The Santa suit is the perfect option for a Christmas party at work, school, or with family and friends. The plus size of XXXL guarantees a great fit for anyone including the big guy in the family. The costume is comfortable and offers a breathable material so it is not too warm when it is worn. It is a perfect option for entertaining children at home, school, or at other events since it is truly realistic. The Santa Claus suit is a great addition to add to the family's holiday decor and will delight anyone who sees it.

by: Woodstock Candy


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