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Monday, September 2, 2013
50 is a big number in most people's lives and can even be scary for some. If someone you know is going to be turning 50 soon, why not lighten the load of turning half a century with some 50th birthday novelty gifts? Don't know where to start? Why not try some of these great ideas out for your older friend?

Celebrate a Different Year

The 50th year may be a heavy one to deal with, but that doesn't mean some of their younger years weren't to be enjoyed. Bake them a cake with a big "Happy 1968" written on it. They'll be sure to chuckle at the notion. If not a cake, even a toy or article of clothing from their younger years will bring a smile to their face. Your friend isn't turning 50, he's turning 25 again.

Be 50 and Proud

If there's one thing a good friend knows how to do it's definitely how to push your buttons, and now that your friend is getting up there in age, you have one more thing to tease them about. One novelty gift that will definitely do some good for their sense of humor are some novelty apparel. What separates their 50th birthday from the rest? The fact that they're wearing that number proudly across their face in the form of gigantic plastic glasses. They're not just turning 50, they're wearing 50.

Party Favors

Okay, so your friend is going to be enjoying himself, but what about the party guests? After all, the gifts are only half the battle for birthdays. Will your friend look out and see everybody with no unique party favors? Of course not! Some retro party favors will be the surefire way to get the party popping. Items like candy cigarettes, Zotz, Pixy Stix, and Boston Baked Beans should definitely do the trick.

No Fun For Fifty
Now what if your friend isn't much of a joker? Aren't there any 50th birthday novelty gifts that can suffice? Thankfully everyone has a sense of humor, you just have to know which angle to take. Instead of making fun of the big number try letting your friend hate it as much as they want to. A box full of lollipops with the big words "50 Sucks!" on it may just be the route to take.

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