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Thursday, August 15, 2013

We all know that certain birthdays are anticipated, like turning 21 for instance, but other birthdays just do not seem quite so glamorous. Many people dread their fiftieth birthday because folks seem to think of it as the beginning of old age. If you have a friend or loved one that is about to turn 50, you can turn that around for them, by throwing them one of the best parties ever. A 50th birthday party can be a lot of fun. Here are some fiftieth birthday party tips that can brighten up this “not so sparkly” number for your loved one.

Birth Year Packages

“Birth year” gift packages are a really fun way to help you loved one celebrate their awesome birth year. There are some websites that have a variety of birth year gift packages to pick from. The packages come with candy, toys or other items that were popular the year the birthday girl or guy were born.

Invite 50 Folks to Celebrate

This might seem like a lot of people to get together for a party, but if you plan a casual get together at a local park, and do a pot luck style meal or cook out, this would not be impossible or insanely expensive. Your loved one will feel so special when they see how many people turned out to celebrate with them

Present a “Nifty Fifty” List

Here’s a fun way to celebrate your loved one's life and accomplishments. Take some time a few weeks before the party to put together a list about your loved one that includes;
         -50 Funny Facts

         -50 Amazing Accomplishments
         -50 Surprises (or little known facts)

         -50 Reasons Why We Love You

Designate a special time during the party to share the list.

Decorate with 50 Pictures

You can either use framed pictures or string up a clothes line and simply pin snapshots up around the party. Ask family and friends to help contribute to the collection of 50 pictures.

Insist on 50 Candles

This is actually a lot of fun. Most people begin skipping the tradition of a candle for every year once they start getting older, but stuffing all those candles on the cake, is not only traditional, but can also be a really fun moment in the party.

Gifts for Fifty

Fifty is often considered the “Golden Birthday”, so this is not a time to go cheap on the birthday gifts. Classy and elegant should be the theme of the gifts for someone turning 50. Also consider that around 50 many people begin to reflect on what they still have not accomplished. Ask yourself if you or a group of people close to the loved one turning 50 could pitch in together and make one of those dreams come true. Perhaps the individual has always wanted to go on a cruise or go skydiving. Think about ways you could possibly make this happen. Fifty is an important birthday. Make sure your loved one knows how special and celebrated they are.

by: Woodstock Candy


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