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Friday, August 16, 2013
Most people have already done the sentimental birthday gifts, but when someone is turning 60, it is time to make the gifts all about fun. Usually, people who are turning 60 are just getting their second wind in life, and they are ready to enjoy themselves. Keeping things fun and lighthearted is good for someone who doesn’t want to slow down just because they are getting older. Some people like to buy gifts with a little meaning, like a box of nostalgic candy that reminds them of the past. Taking a walk down memory lane can be an amazing stroll, especially if it makes a person feel like they are a kid once again. 

Some great 60th birthday gifts include things like “Happy Birthday 60 Glasses”. These quirky glasses make the birthday boy or girl stand out in style. As an inexpensive gag gift, these glasses are sure to make everyone have a great laugh and to make growing older a happy event. Everyone has to grow old, but why not laugh along the way? Turning 60 should be embraced as a major accomplishment, and as retirement is just around the corner, a time to relax and have fun.

A lot of people love to pack their bags and hit the road when they hit the big 60. With everything being able to be done online, it is easier than ever. Purchasing an airline ticket is a great gift for someone who is turning the big 6-0. Adding a “Fun 60 Celebration Pack” to the bon voyage package would be perfect. This pack includes amazing candies that can be consumed while waiting at the airport or making the long trek across the country. With old-fashioned candies like Good & Plenty, Candy Cigarettes and Chiclets, not only will they have a good laugh remembering eating these candies as a child, but they will enjoy the tasty treats too. Who doesn’t love Atomic Fire Balls?

There is truly a gift for everyone who is turning 60. Most people retire around this age and giving up work is a welcomed time, if proper planning has taken place. Getting rid of the 9-5 and the grueling schedule means a celebration is in order
. Order some customized balloons that can be used for an all-out bash. Want streamers to go with the décor? This is an important birthday in a person’s life and the more effort that goes into this celebration, the better it will be.

If it is a queen who is advancing to the sixth decade, one of the great 60th birthday gifts could be the “Too Sexy to be 60 Tiara”, which will make anyone feel great, especially when it is put together with an amazing candy basket and the love and support of friends and family. Having a big party is always a great way to celebrate this momentous milestone in life.

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