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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Retro gifts for women are hot now-- from organizers to makeup to apparel, what was old is new again!

Many trends are picking up on the old-fashioned or vintage vibe right now. Walking through any store, the consumer will find items themed with two-tone polka dots, a direct nod to the polka dot craze of the 50's. The most popular colors right now are mint-green and chocolate brown (a delicious combination), and pastels like baby pink and cream. Notebooks, planners, and calendars are especially given to this trend.

Another popular retro item is the classic frilly apron. Once considered old-fashioned and dismissed in favor of classic white chef's aprons (or no apron at all), pretty aprons have made a strong comeback and are very trendy right now. Usually made of a bright, floral material (lightweight canvas is a popular choice), but occasionally in the aforementioned two-tone polka dot, these aprons are for sale at bookstores, gift shops, big-box stores, and boutiques. They are often decorated with grosgrain ribbon and sport decorative and/or useful pockets.

Pearls, cameo brooches and rings, and plastic-framed glasses have also come back to the accessory market strongly. A pretty twist on the classic pearl bracelet is the ribbon closure, usually made with satin ribbon and tied in a bow. The pearls are often strung on elastic for ease of wearing. Faux-pearls are more easily available and make more sense for this trend, which seems as popular with juniors as it is with adults. Today's cameos are more popular on black or onyx backgrounds than on the traditional pale pink or pale coral background. And of course, plastic-framed glasses and sunglasses are everywhere. Ranging from white to black to tortoise shell to floral print, plastic frames are huge. Some of the younger crowd adore the plain black "Dick Tracy" types, even going so far as to wear non-prescription frames just for the effect.

Hair and makeup is another area in which retro is the new style. Over the past few years, eyebrows have evolved from delicately understated to a more defined, strongly accented look reminiscent of mid century Hollywood starlets. Hairstyles are as varied as ever, but for special events from the red carpet to the Rotary club dinner, elegant and old-fashioned updos are de rigueur, often accented with vintage costume clips or velvet flowers; and while the smoky eye is still extremely popular, it is beginning to use more subtle neutrals and allow for a vibrant red lip color, not unlike the makeup trends of the 40's and 50's. Additionally, a simple, winged, "cat-eye" look with black kohl eyeliner is increasingly popular. And all of these makeup trends are complemented by actual makeup accessories in adorable retro designs, available at any drugstore or department store.

And of course, one can never go wrong with retro candy; those candies that baby boomers remember from their youth as “penny candy” are in demand and quite cool again.

Times change and trends come and go, but for now, retro gifts for women are the best of old and new.

by: Woodstock Candy


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