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Monday, October 7, 2013
Songs from the past can revive pleasant memories. They can be a reminder of a special someone from the past, a first dance, a holiday or a special occasion. Nostalgic memories are treasures and many childhood, teenage and young adult memories involve some sweet treats. For that reason alone, retro candy baskets are a wonderful gift idea for almost any occasion.

By the time someone reaches age 60, 70, 80 or more, they have received all of the trinkets and traditional senior citizen gifts they could want. A gift box or basket filled with nostalgic candy can generate a smile on their face that is just as big and bright as the smile on a child's face when someone hands them a piece of their favorite candy. Milestone birthdays are cause for celebration. A gift basket filled with candy necklaces, banana taffy, Chiclets, Mary Janes, rock candy, dots and many other old time favorites can be the beginning of a fantastic birthday celebration.

Flowers are not the only way to perk up a friend who isn't feeling well or is recovering from an accident. Retro candy baskets are a great alternative. They are a gift that can easily be sent to a friend who lives a distance away. Someone doesn't have to be over-the-hill or even nearing the top of the hill to appreciate a basket filled with delicious, fun and nostalgic candy.

Not every anniversary gift has to be extravagant. It's often the sentimental gifts that make the longest lasting impression. A gift basket filled with an assortment of candy is a unique way to say " I love you." Retro candy baskets can be personalized with specific dates. Some very happy memories can resurface when two people begin unwrapping candy like they used to share at the movies or that they ate while cruising through town on a Saturday night.

When it comes to choosing a theme for a birthday party, a nostalgic theme can be a hit for kids, teens and adults of all ages. Novelty glasses, hats and party favors add an additional element of fun to the party. Golden Oldies music and retro clothing make the celebration even more authentic. Above all else, it's the assortment of nostalgic candy that will have everyone excited. A few boxes of assorted retro candy set about for everyone to share opens up an opportunity for the older guests to share stories with the younger guests. The birthday party man or woman deserves a big box of candy all their own. They can take it home and make their birthday last a really long time as they enjoy many sweet treats and fond memories.

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