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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Surprise, surprise! A wrapped gift box was left on the dining room table. The sweet aroma is clearly recognizable…candy!
These sweet scents bring back memories of some of the most popular candies of the 1950’s. They were purchased back in the day from supermarkets, the ice cream parlors, or the neighborhood corner store.

When the gift box is unwrapped the reminiscing begins. Mmmm… the Baby Ruths, Almond Joy's, Snickers, Hershey's Chocolate Bars with Almonds, and the Mr. Goodbars are all candies mixed with peanuts or almonds and then coated or dipped in sweet smooth chocolate. They’re an ingenious way to satisfy both cravings. The 3 Musketeers Bars, Hershey Chocolate Bars, Hershey Kisses are only a few of the chocolate sensations that make the tummy yummy and the lips curl into a satisfied smile.

The boxes of Lemon Head candy, Sour Cherries, Jolly Ranchers and Sweetarts were a joy to see displayed on the shelf behind the store counter. Those were the good times, eating them by the handful. The tart flavors mixed with the sweet ones make the mouth tingle.

The candy necklaces and bracelets were in between the Wack-O-Wax Lips and the Gum Drops. Eating them while having fun with your friends was such a cool thing to do. The Swizzle sticks, Blow Pops, Candy Buttons on paper, Pixy Stix and the Flav-R-Straws taste real swell too. Remember the great 'sugar high? Now days it’s called a 'sugar rush'.

One of the most famous candy's on a stick is the world renown Tootsie Roll Pop. This is the champion of lollipops because it has two candies in one. A flavored hard candy shell of cherry, orange, pineapple, grape and other flavors, and in the middle of the Tootsie Pop was a chewy chocolate center. Trying to take the time to lick the candy shell down to the chocolate center is often difficult. The outer shell of the Tootsie Roll Pop is so delightfully delicious. Biting the shell and mixing it with the chocolate candy center is called a 'smooth move'.
Wait, these candies have even more company. The Chocolate and Vanilla Turkish Taffy, the Sugar Daddy, known as the 'all day sucker' are long lasting candies that you can enjoy for more than just a few minutes.

Looking for a soft candy to pop in the mouth and roll around on the tongue enjoying their rich flavor? There are so many to choose from, but Gum Drops, Dots, JUJUBES, still delight the taste buds and join the popular list of sweet confections.

The popular candy in the 1950's is as great now as it was back then. Are you ready for another treat? Butter Mints, Peppermints and Chocolate mints melt on the tongue. These mouth watering sweeties leave the mouth cool and the breath refreshed.

To make the taste buds and tongue dance to a different tune, keep in mind that Red Hots and Fire Balls will do the trick.

Memories are wonderful when coupled with the sweet temptations of these fine 1950’s candies. Share them, and a memory, with a friend, or better yet, share them with a grandchild for the first time. Watch their eyes get big, and their smiles light their face, as they take their first bite!

by: Woodstock Candy


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