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Sunday, October 27, 2013
Being sick can really take a toll on one's body and mind. In addition to the body aches, fevers and nagging coughs, your brain can become a sluggish and slow organ, making normal tasks and jobs that much harder to accomplish. And, if you are a male, this can be even tougher to do. Men pride themselves on being strong, tough and somewhat invincible, but being sick changes everything. Instead of feeling strong and invincible, many men feel weak and needy. Some women even lovingly joke that a having a sick man is the same as having a sick baby. However you describe it, being sick is no fun. So, in addition to proper rest and following the doctor's orders, here are a few unique get well gifts for men that can help speed up the feel better process.

Electronic Goodies

This may seem like a no-brainer but men, sick or not, love their electronics. A great way to show that you care and give them something to do while stuck on bed, is to purchase something to help make the time pass. Nook and Kindle are great for the man who enjoys reading while hand held video games can also be a winner. And, to encourage actually resting, a sound machine can also make a great get well gift for men.

Gift Baskets

Gifts baskets may be the one gift that you can never go wrong with. It's a win for all involved. Everyone loves getting them and gift givers love buying them. Gift baskets have come a long way from just fruits and wines. Gift baskets have evolved into something more unique and depending on likes and personalities, you can find almost any basket to give.


Sometimes simple is better. The key to turning simple get well gifts into unique get well gifts for men is personalization. Gifts can be engraved with well wishes, personal messages and more, to upgrade a normal get well gift into something spectacular. Gifts like mugs, watches and even blankets can all be personalized to show that special someone how important they are. The possibilities are endless.

Sometimes finding the perfect get well gift for a man is as easy as figuring out his personality and likes. Is he an athlete? A business man? A gamer? Does he love candy? Can't live without his beer? Your answers can clue you in when looking for the best get well gift.   

by: Woodstock Candy


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