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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Birthdays tend to become less exciting as we become older, but those decade milestones are difficult not to try to make special. A 70th birthday certainly is cause to celebrate, and if you are giving that 70 year old in your life a party, look for some 70th birthday party favor ideas.

If you really want to bring a sparkle to the birthday girl's or boy's eyes, see if you can find some candy from their childhood. If you look, you will be able to find candy from the 1940's that we don't usually see in the stores today. They will be surprised to munch on a candy cigarette like they did as a tot. Boston baked beans to us is a 4th of July side dish, but to them it was a delicious candy treat. Some packages have up to 40 different kinds of candy especially chosen from their generation. A gift like this is sure to make them smile. After sampling some themselves, they can pass it out to their friends to share as party favors.

Other things to consider to help lighten the atmosphere of a 70th birthday would be some funky shaped glasses. You can get some with a seven over one eye and a zero over the other. There won't be any confusion over who is the birthday boy or girl at that party.

Another option for a fun party would be an entertaining centerpiece. You could find a fun bear that can sing and dance to Happy Birthday. If you want something edible and nostalgic, consider a bowl filled with candy from the 1940's. The guest of honor is sure to have some friends that would find great memories in that bowl. Another great way to inspire memories is to play music from their youth. Try to find out who their favorite musicians were when they were younger and have some songs ready at the party. It will certainly help bring them back.

Finally use some pictures to help them remember great times. Whether you do a poster, have a screen scrolling through some youthful images or create a scrapbook, pictures are a wonderful way to help your birthday guests celebrate.

Making a 70 year old's birthday special doesn't have to be difficult. Look to bring up good memories through candies they can't find today, music from their youth and pictures of good memories. Have fun centerpieces and gag glasses to make them laugh. Most of all, spending time with him or her and their friends will help create the best memory of all.

by: Woodstock Candy


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