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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Winter months can be quite gloomy, but nothing warms the soul as well as the rich flavor of chocolate. Finding the right mix of cost and quality can be difficult with all the options available. In a world with thousands of chocolate options, Donckels Dark Chocolate Belgian Truffles stand apart as the perfect gift for loved ones. People don't have to look any further than the trusted Donckels brand to provide a present that can be enjoyed in any setting, at any time.

Chocolate truffles are modeled after fine European fungal delicacies called truffles, renowned world wide for their rich body and flavor. These chocolate concoctions are every bit as delicious as their upscale brethren, and make the perfect gift for an anniversary, Christmas, or date night. Truffles are an extremely versatile gift because they speak to long held cultural traditions, work for almost any occasion, and are appreciated by all those who receive these delicious candies.

Those who create chocolate can testify Donckels Dark Chocolate Belgian truffles are the cream of the crop when it comes to texture. Each pound of truffles has forty four delicious and addictive candies. They're slightly larger than average chocolate truffles and melt the second they touch your tongue. These delectable creations are carefully selected for their flavor, and pair well with bitter drinks like tea and coffee. Sunflower derived products are used to emulsify the chocolate during creation, bringing pure chocolate and coconut oil together. A slight dusting of cocoa over the truffles contributes to a unique texture enjoyed by the pickiest of pallets.

If you're looking for a truffle that exudes quality but comes at a cost perfect for the masses, try these dark chocolate Belgian truffles. Every bite a person takes is a reminder of the legacy of hundreds of years of European chocolate perfection. Follow history with these delicious imported truffles and order them today.

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