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Thursday, December 5, 2013

The gift of nostalgic candy is a fun and unique way to celebrate any birthday, holiday, or “just because” occasion. It is an unusual and thoughtful gift that will be reveled for quite some time. Among the unique offerings out there, are fun choices available for the Christmas season. These delectable and nostalgic candy gift sets feature treats of Christmas’ past. This Christmas season, there is a set that is particularly ideal for aficionados of the 1960's. Its fun, it’s cool…its Christmas man!

This gift set's name, Christmas Retro Candy Gift - Peace on Earth, is perfect for both the season and the era it is representing. Emblazoned with the appropriate declaration "Peace on Earth", and the iconic peace sign nestled among such Christmas images as a tree, a candy cane and a hanging stocking, the box art is all at once a striking yet simple tribute to both the 1960's and Christmas and is a delightful callback to those who remember these life-changing years.

Inside the box is a collection of forty candy offerings that those who grew up in that tumultuous decade will especially appreciate. In addition to candies that are still popular today, such as Dots, Good and Plenty, Pixy Stix and Smarties, this set features confectioneries less well-known today that are nevertheless still manufactured and fondly recalled and desired by baby boomers. Zagnut, Razzles, Turkish Taffy and Chuckles are among the old-time candies returning for your consumption. Although rarely seen in the hectic world of the present day, these enjoyable memories of the past are plentiful here and can be experienced once again, gathered together as old friends, and shared with younger fans to be.

The Christmas Retro Candy Gift - Peace on Earth is a beautiful and special treat for candy lovers, baby boomers and those who appreciate or study the 1960s even if they did not live during those defining years. People who are simply curious about the types of candy eaten in decades past will also find enjoyment with this fun and entertaining candy gift set.

Give a gift that brings smiles galore accompanied by the occasional proclamation “Sweet, Dude”!

by: Woodstock Candy


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