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Monday, December 16, 2013

As we get older, gift giving gets more difficult. It can be difficult to find unique gifts – ones that relate to the person and will bring a smile to their faces. But there is something you've probably never considered before. Give the gift of candy… retro candy!

There’s no better way to bring on nostalgia than to eat the candy of your youth. It could be Atomic Fireballs, Coconut Long Boys, and Saf-T-Pop from the 1950's or Bubble Tape, Candy Necklaces, or Nerds from the 1980's. Get the candy that was introduced or popular in the decade the person you are buying for was born and watch their face light up.

You can’t find much of the candy we grew up with on the market anymore. As we grow up, the sweet and sticky candies that were so yummy to us when we were kids are often put aside in favor of chocolate and other snacks. We may move on, but we never forget the taste of our favorite lollipop. Imagine the joy a 70-year-old might get when presented with the rock candy from their youth? Slip a pack of Now or Laters into a 40-year-old’s hand and watch them almost skip with excitement. Candy is the great equalizer.

Memories of summer and fun, friends, and playing are associated with foods and smells. It would be difficult to find an adult born in the 1970's who doesn’t remember eating Pop Rocks. But how many of them have eaten them recently? Giving retro candy will get them talking about the past and sharing stories you may never have heard before. You might learn about summer vacations with family whom you've never met, or hear about the first school dance while sucking on an Astro Pop. Give the gift of youth; retro candy will make them feel like a kid again.

So, as you do your Christmas shopping and fret over the right gift, consider sweets for the sweet on your Christmas List. Personalize Your Celebration Year - Retro Candy Gifts and see how much joy candy can bring to an adult. 

by: Woodstock Candy


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