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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

It can be hard to find a gift that is just right for someone who is turning 70. The ideal gift would be unique, and it would make the recipient feel young again rather than point out that another year has passed. Gift boxes of retro candy are just that kind of gift.

Boxes of retro candy are perfect to give as a gift, use as party favors, or send to those turning 70 this year. When given to anyone born in 1944, it immediately brings back a flood of memories. They are once again that little boy or girl peering into the candy case at the local soda shop or drug store. These gift boxes are filled with all their favorites from days gone by. This includes hits such as:

• Juicyfruit
• Violets
• Bonomo Turkish Taffy
• Chiclets
• Giant Taffy
• Pixy Stix
• Wax Bottles
• Chuckles
• Wax Lips
• Candy necklace
• Atomic Fireballs
• Neco Wafers

Sending one of these retro boxes to someone on their 70th birthday will be like delivering a smile to their door step. They will be thrilled to go through all the flavors they remember enjoying with their best friends.

Including any of the retro boxes from the Unique Gifts 70th Birthday Celebrate 1944 Nostalgic Candy selections in a birthday party will add instant fun. Those tuning 70 will reminisce over the good times these candies will bring to mind, while the younger crowd will love the retro feel (and the stories!).

One can choose from a variety of gift boxes. The Retro Candy Gifts for 70th Birthday Junior has 30 types of candy in it. All candy is shrink-wrapped in a decorative box that is ready for gift giving. The 70th Birthday Gift Celebration Box of Retro Candy includes 40 different flavors, and it also comes in a decorated box that’s perfect for giving or displaying at the party.

The 70th Birthday Party Favor Retro Nostalgic Candy comes in a smaller box entitled “Candy Memories from the 40’s.” When used as a party favor, it’s a great way to allow guests to take that “walk down memory lane” home with them. One thing's for sure, a good time is to be had by all!

by: Woodstock Candy


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