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Friday, December 20, 2013

What a joy it can be to celebrate the milestone birthday years. Life can be busy and taxing on one's soul, so it is a wonderful idea to stop and take a break from the swift moving pace in order to mark the special occasion of a life well-lived. It is healthy to look back and appreciate the past, reviewing memories, both good and difficult. Whether the desire is for a fancy event or simple homemade fun, a fiftieth birthday can easily be planned.

For a dressed up event with a little playful fun thrown in guests can be invited out for a fussy dinner party that includes unexpected nostalgic 50th birthday party gifts. These little treasures can be contained within a fancy jar or laid out at each place setting. What fun the guests will experience as they don 50th birthday sunglasses while sipping glasses of expensive wine. A fun touch would be to hire a professional photographer to capture the wonderful moments of the birthday dinner celebration.

Another popular theme for a nostalgic birthday party involves guests dressing up like the hippies from past times of flower children and maxi-dresses. This is an easily arranged event as guests receive tie dyed paper invitations inviting them to partake in some groovy fun. Friends should be encouraged to find a time period outfit and show up ready for some wild fun of cooking out and dancing to era appropriate music. As guests arrive they can be offered peace sign buttons and strands of colorful beads.

If a fancy dinner party or a silly theme event are not desired, a dessert party might fit the bill. Hosts can plan to set out various dessert experiences for friends and family to enjoy. One station might be a chocolate fountain including all the amazing dippers, such as cut fruit, chunks of cake and pretzels. A milk and cookies bar is another popular idea. Whatever type of celebration is decided upon the birthday person should be pampered, honored and showered with plenty of nostalgic 50th birthday party gifts, kind words and wonderful new memories.

Show some love and take your birthday guy or gal back in time with any one of these great ideas!

by: Woodstock Candy


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