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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Looking for something special for your favorite new 60 year old? Look no further as we now offer a great gift basket for those light candy eaters.

The 60th Birthday Jr. Gift Basket is a perfect gift for someone who loves retro candy but doesn't eat a whole lot of candy in general. Instead of the usual 40 pieces of candy, the lucky recipient will get 30 of the best pieces of retro candy that they have ever had.

Some of the retro candy that is included in the 60th Birthday Jr. Gift Basket is Red Hots, Indian Pumpkin Seeds, Boston Baked Beans and so many more! It is hard to believe, but it's as if we have selected these 30 delicious pieces of candy just for you!

Your new 60 year old will be having so much fun talking about all of their memories from their childhood that they may end up forgetting all about the great retro candy you just got for them. But that's okay because eventually they will have to eat something and what's better to eat than candy from the 60th Birthday Jr. Gift Basket.

Make your loved ones 60th birthday one to remember with the 60th Birthday Jr. Gift Basket!

by: Woodstock Candy


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