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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Do want to go back to a time where there was no rush in your life, a time when there was a large event known as Woodstock? Well, we can help just a little bit with our Happy Memories from the 60's Gift Basket.

This is a gift basket that will bring back many of the memories from the 60's that you love and cherish so much. You won't be able to help yourself when all of the memories come pouring out as you look at all of the candies and other goodies we have included in the Happy Memories from the 60's Gift Basket.

Not only will you get some amazing retro candy but you will also get some great toys and reminders of what the 60's was all about. Included are toys like a magic cube, spinning top, guitar ornament and a few more!

Of course it wouldn't be a great gift basket if it didn't include great nostalgic retro candies like Chuckles, Razzles, Jujubes, Red Hots and so many more for a total of 33 pieces!

Life doesn't get much better than the 1960's, enjoy the memories the best way possible with the Happy Memories from the 60's Gift Basket.

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