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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

We’ve got great Over the Hill retro candy gifts here at Woodstock Candy… but some people just never learn! We’ve got a few of the worst over-the-hill gifts that anyone has ever given. We feel sorry for anyone that was on the receiving end of these terrible gifts!

As women age, they might become sensitive about “the change.” (You know what we’re talking about, ladies.) One of our friends mentioned that she knew a woman that got a “change”-themed book as a birthday present when she turned 50. The gift did nothing but poke fun at a sensitive subject for many women. What’s better for the 50-year-old women in your life? How about some candy from their childhood? Don’t remind them that they’re getting older—remind them of when they were young!

Many men lose their hair as they get older. Much like “the change,” many men are sensitive about this issue. Many men who are losing, or have lost, their hair don’t find the subject particularly funny. So steer away from comic toupees and spray on hair.

The worst over-the-hill gift of all? Adult diapers. Don’t even get us started on this one! We admit, this kind of humor can be funny—unless you’re the butt of the joke. (We meant that pun.) Unless you know the recipient will get a kick out of it, stay away from these kinds of gifts.

Your best bet is to get something fun and tasteful from Woodstock Candy.

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