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Thursday, May 26, 2011

One of our favorite signers celebrates a birthday today, May 26th. The amazing Stevie Nicks turns 63. Can you really believe she’s 63? Well, in honor of our little songbird… (Wait a second, Christine McVie did “Songbird”!) we thought we might run down some of our favorite “sweet” Stevie Nicks songs.

I wonder if she’d like a retro candy gift box as a sweet birthday present?

Sweet Stevie Nicks Songs
“Cheaper than Free” This song is from her new album… and it makes us think back to the days when penny candy really cost a penny. That was ALMOST free!
“Crystal” Kind of like the sugary goodness of Pop Rocks.
“Every Day” This is just how often we eat retro candy.
“I Can’t Wait” This is how you feel when your box of candy from Woodstock Candy comes in the mail.
“Rock a Little” Again with the Pop Rocks! (Only we Rock a LOT.)
“Say You Will” …give me some more candy.
“Sister Honey” Sweet!
“Sweet Girl”
“Whole Lotta Trouble” This is what you’ll be in if you take someone else’s candy.

So, happy birthday Miss Stevie Nicks! Here’s hoping you see many, many more!

by: Woodstock Candy


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