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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

When you think of candy, you may think sweet goodness of sugar. Have you ever wondered why there are a variety of sweeteners? A lot of candy isn't even made from sugar anymore. These are some of the sweetening ingredients you may find on a label.

, an artificial sweetener, was approved for use in foods in 1983. It is almost 200 times sweeter than sugar! Brand names you may be familiar with are Equal and NutraSweet. There is a lot of controversy with aspartame because of food safety issues. Most people believe that if you use it in moderation, you'll be okay.
Sugar Alcohols include sorbitol, mannitol, maltitol, glycerol, xylitol - any connection to the substances that end in "ol." If you eat a quantity of these sugar alcohols at one sitting, make sure you are near a bathroom, because you're going to need one. These sweeteners are found in a lot of sugarless gums and chocolates, and hard candies. Be careful!
Sucralose is almost 600 times sweeter than sugar, and has been around since the late '90s. It is sold under the brand name Splenda.
was actually discovered over a hundred years ago, and was used a lot during WWI when there was a sugar shortage. It is around 500 times sweeter than sugar. Many people find the taste unappealing.
is only 300 times sweeter than sugar, and is used as a liquid sweetener. It is natural and comes from a plant.
Sugar refers mainly to sucrose, which comes from sugar cane and sugar beet. It's the number one ingredient in Razzles candy.
Corn syrup is made from maize, and is a liquid sweetener. It is used in a lot of candy production. It is the main ingredient in Sugar Daddy Lollipops.

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