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Thursday, September 8, 2011
Good & Plenty, Candy Cigarettes, or root beer barrels, everyone has their favorite nostalgic candy. Do you know the history behind some of your favorite sweets? There are many milestones in the history of candy. Here are some historical facts about your favorite penny candies.
1893 – Philadelphia’s Quaker City Confectionery Company first produced Good & Plenty candies, the oldest branded candy in the U.S.
1896 – Leo Hirshfield invited a candy named after his daughter’s nickname, “Tootsie.” This famous candy was Tootsie Rolls. These chewy chocolaty treats were the first wrapped penny candy in the U.S.
1904 – Emil Brach, founder of Brach candies, opened his Chicago based candy shop called Brach’s Palace of Sweets.
1920 – Henry Heide introduced his famous candy, Jujubes.
1926 – Robert Welch invented “The Papa Sucker,” which was later named Sugar Daddy.
1946 – This year you could see children blowing bubbles with Super Bubble® gum, which at the time was only five cents.
1958 – Frank Bach opened the first Brach’s Pick-A-Mix. Many people said the idea of shoppers mixing their own candy was a thing of the past, but this fast became popular, and we still see Brach’s Pick-A-Mixes in grocery stores throughout the U.S. today!
1960 – Children began chewing Fruit Stripe gum. Each wrapper included a different tattoo of Yipes, the Fruit Stripe Zebra.
1974 – In September of this year, Evel Knievel partnered with Chuckles candy for his famous motorcycle jump over Snake River Canyon.

Next time you bit into your favorite piece of penny candy think about all of the rich history behind it.

by: Woodstock Candy


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