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Monday, December 26, 2011
Do people who have a birthday on Christmas get gypped? A lot of kids might feel they're getting short changed when it comes to their birthday celebration if it happens to fall on December 25. When most children have their birthday, there is a party with plenty of balloons and cake and ice cream. But if you're born on Christmas, you might as well forget that. Instead of balloons you get mistletoe, and for the birthday cake, it's a fruitcake with candles! You get the feeling that the rest of the family is more focused on Santa Claus, decorating the tree, and baking cookies than you. And some people think because you're so special to be born on this day, you don't need an extra present!
I've heard stories from Christmas babies (who are now in their 20's) who tell of getting combined Christmas-birthday presents instead of separate gifts for each celebration. It doesn't seem fair to them that their other siblings have a proper birthday while theirs gets mixed up with Christmas.
After all, birthdays and Christmas are all about gifts, and most everyone would be better off if they were spread out so they reap the benefits from both special occasions.

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