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Wednesday, November 23, 2011
If you're about to celebrate your 65th birthday, don't worry, you're not old. You still have time to do lots of things that are left on your bucket list. Just follow the example of some of these young people who have set records in the Guinness World Book.

Walter Liesner of Germany was 94 years old when he performed a backflip in a swimming pool.

If you're 65, it might not be too late to give birth. The oldest mother is Maria del Carmen Bousada Lara who at 66 years old, gave birth by cesarean section to twin boys, Christian and Pau.

The oldest person to sail around the world is Minoru Saito of Japan who was 71 when he completed a non-stop solo voyage of the world in his yacht.

Emma Carrol of Iowa was way past her 65th birthday when she made an hour-long flight in a hot air balloon. She did this at the young age of 109.

The oldest person to visit the North Pole is Dorothy Davenhill Hirsch of the United States who at 89, was aboard the Russian nuclear icebreaker Yamal when she made the trek.

Edith Dewhurst of Great Britain received a hip replacement at the age of 103 at Stepping Hill Hospital.

Don't think it's too late to run in a marathon. Gladys Burrill was the oldest female to complete a marathon at the age of 92 years 19 days. This was at the Honolulu Marathon on December 12, 2010. It took her 9 hours, 53 minutes, 16 seconds to finish.
If you're about to be honored at a 65th birthday party think young, and accomplish something great!

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