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Saturday, May 19, 2012
Get Well Gift Basket

No one likes to feel blue and most people don't like to see others feel blue either. When a friend, family member or co-worker seems down in the dumps, sick or just having a tough time in general, it's natural to want to say or do something to make them feel better or at least let them know you're hoping they see the light soon. Sometimes, coming up with the right words is difficult and even awkward. A small token or gift is often easier and can be very meaningful and brightening to the recipient who needed a sunny day.

When the person to cheer up is in the hospital recovering from surgery or illness, or has just returned home, one of the best gifts available is a well thought out get well gift basket. Gift baskets have long been a classic choice for gift-giving for all occasions and situations. Gift baskets can be formal or silly, fun or serious. Some popular gift baskets over the years have included wine and cheese, chocolates, movie nights with DVDs and popcorn, candles, fruit, and packaged candy. Since a lot of get well gifts are given to people who are in or just out of the hospital, it might be best to choose something that is not immediately perishable as some food baskets tend to be.

Get Well gift baskets come in many options for many occasions so choosing one is limited only to the imagination. When choosing a get well gift basket, consider the recipient of the gift as well as the occasion. A great option that is sure to please nearly anyone who needs to get well, is get well candy gift baskets. Get well candy gift baskets come in many shapes, sizes and varieties from expensive chocolates to bright and colorful lollipops or hard candies. A really unique and attention-getting gift basket idea is a retro candy get well gift basket. Retro candies are those candies that you remember having as a child, the ones that really stick out in your memory. They might be the favorite candy you always purchased at the corner store or the concessions at the little league games or the ones that the "cool parents" always handed out at Halloween. Some popular retro candy selections might be choices like Pop Rocks or candy cigarettes.

While gift baskets have always been a go-to for holidays like Christmas or Mother's Day or occasions like job promotions or new babies, get well gift baskets are beautiful to look at and will bring a smile to the recipient's face even before they have a chance to dig in and get nostalgic about their treats. The best gifts to make anyone's day better are the ones that are unique, nicely packaged and have a bit of thought behind them.

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