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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Fun Gift Baskets Box Nostalgic Candy
Retro candy boxes are a fantastic gift wrapping option that add a unique touch by which guests can remember a special evening. Dive into the past by providing a complete effect of retro décor. These vintage boxes and retro candy gift baskets can be filled with retro candy reminiscent of simpler times and the classic candy shop memories grandparents tell their grandkids about.

A retro-inspired party makes a great option for birthday parties for people of any age, as well as fun anniversary themes or any occasion to throw on their best vintage thrift shop threads. Small party favors like old-fashioned candy and decade boxes are a great token for guests to take home the spirit of the party with them.

Some retro candy boxes include those that resemble classic vintage items associated with the 50s era, for example. Take the Classic Convertible candy box. This line of candy boxes include tiny cardboard recreations of the 1955 and ‘56 Chevy Bel Air, the 1955 Ford Fairlane Sunliner, the pink 1956 Ford Thunderbird, the red 1964 Ford Mustang, the yellow 1964 Ford Mustang, the 1957 Chevy Hot Rod, the 1958 Chevy Corvette, and the 1957 Chevy Hotrod.

Each mini retro convertible replica is outfitted to hold a small bag of candy, preferably the guest of honor’s favorite kind. With authentic, colorful artistic details, and measuring just under a foot, this particular kind of retro candy box makes quite the impression while capturing the sentiments of a vintage era.

Retro candy gift baskets can be filled with retro candy for the most complete effect at parties where guests dive into the past. Some kinds of candy might take one back to when they were kids or it may even take their parents back to when they were kids. Next to smell, taste is one of the senses most closely related with memories. What a unique way to complete a “dive into the past” party theme.

A tasty reminder is a delicious way for party guests to relive their childhoods and enjoy good memories from earlier in life. Spurred memories from yesteryear can also be a great way to add to the spirit of the party. The tasty treats will no doubt stimulate interesting conversations or humorous stories.

It is possible to find candy from several eras on the Internet to accommodate the decade being celebrated. A hostess might fill her vintage candy boxes with retro goodies that might include jaw breakers, Bazooka bubble gum, Claey’s Old-Fashioned hard candy, Chuckles from the ‘50s, Moon Pies from the ‘60s, and Nintendo Power Mints from the ‘80s. Candy from different eras can even be used in games where guests guess the correct decade for each kind.

Besides fond memories, the party favor is the only thing guests carry away from a party. So it’s important that this part of the evening be as memorable as the rest. In a party where guests have enjoyed an evening of diving into the past, retro candy boxes are a fun and unforgettable way to carry this off.

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