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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Candy Buttons on Paper are those tiny little colored dots of hardened sugar found in neat rows on a strip of paper. Each strip is 11" long by 2" wide with approximately 48 buttons on each. When I was kid, the candy store lady would cut a length off of the spool for us. They were probably sold by the foot back then. Today things are more sanitary, so they don't come on a roll anymore. They come from the manufacturer in strips either wrapped or unwrapped in a bulk pack.

The pink dots are cherry flavored, the blue are lime, and the yellow are lemon. A lot of the time the colored dots blend into each other, also causing the flavors to mix together. Most of the time, along with the candy you'll get a tiny piece of paper in your mouth, too. This is all part of the Candy Button experience. You'd think after all these years, NECCO would find a way to not have the paper stick to the candy, but maybe they just don't want to ruin the experience that we're all so familiar with. Candy Buttons are a true nostalgic candy, and for this reason, a pack is included in all of our retro candy boxes.

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