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Saturday, March 31, 2012

If you were born in 1982, you might remember this candy from your childhood:
Bubble Tape, Laffy Taffy, Jolly Rancher Stick, Ring Pop, Big League Chewing Gum, Swedish Fish, Sour Patch Kids, Airheads, Razzles, Candy Lipstick, Root Beer Barrels, Pop Rocks, Smartie Pop, Zotz, Pixy Stix, Starburst, Skittles, Blow Pop, Saf-T-Pop, Candy Cigarettes, Lemonheads, Sugar Daddy Pop Jr., Atomic Fireballs, Tootsie Rolls, Smarties, Juicy Fruit Gum, Gobstoppers, Mary Janes, Necco Wafers, Gummy Bears, Now and Later, Dubble Bubble Gum, Candy Buttons on Paper, Black Taffy, Bit-O-Honey, Chick-O-Stick, Push Pop, Fun Dip, and a Candy Necklace. All of this candy comes packed in a special box and makes the perfect gift for a 30 year old born in 1982.

There's nothing more fun than celebrating your 30th birthday with memories from your younger days. Besides candy, other things that will bring back childhood memories are music, movies, cars, and books from your younger days. A thirty year old might remember songs from the '80s such as "Like A Virgin," "Born in the U.S.A.," "Lady," "Call Me," and "Girls Just Want to Have Fun." With some songs, it's easy to remember where you were or what you were doing when you first heard the music.
People also store memories of tastes and smells of their favorite foods, and this includes candy. Sometimes eating something that you haven't had for years doesn't taste exactly like you remember it. Candy recipes can change over the years, as well as the quality of the ingredients. Your palate changes as well as you get older. The things that you loved to eat as a kid might not seem so appealing once you're grown up. But one thing most adults agree about is that they love reliving their childhood memories through candy. If you know anyone who was born in 1982, and you need a birthday gift for them, this box of candy made especially for a 30 year old would be perfect.

by: Woodstock Candy


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