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Sunday, August 12, 2012
 Flower Power Hippie Hat
The 1960 was without a doubt, a time when love and freedom were the order of the day. It was times, for those who remember when you could just let it all hang out, as the saying often goes. That is why the Flower Power Hippie Hat is such a symbolic piece of unique apparel that makes a powerful "time period" fashion statement. Probably no other hippie hat can deliver such a clear and lasting impression of what the 60's truly represented. This flower hat is so reminiscent of what that era stood for, and what people were feeling during this special time in American history.

Complete with flowers dangling from the brim, the Flower Power Hippie Hat is sure to catch the attention of anyone who appreciates the freedom of expression that was so much a part of the 1960's culture. A flower hat speaks of simplicity and gentleness, and gives a sense of genuine happiness to those who proudly wear this unique slice of 60's apparel. There are countless styles of hippie hats available on the market, but one featuring the flower power theme is special, and is quite possibly the signature style that defines an important era.

As most baby boomers will recall, the 1960's was an era that set many in society apart as being free to express their feelings openly, as well as being free to step outside accepted social norms. Owning and wearing a cool and captivating Flower Power Hippie Hat is the perfect way to let those around you know that you identify with those attitudes and beliefs. A flower hat is the ultimate in free unrestricted self-expression. As with all fashion statements, 1960's apparel offers trendy people the opportunity to have fun with clothing by mixing and matching all kinds of 60's style wear.

In addition, this style of hat can make a perfect hat for birthday parties, as well as 1960's themed parties, and even New Year’s Eve parties. A birthday hat that includes 60's style flowers is just one way to stand out and be noticed for having a clever sense of fashion. A birthday hat with 1960's appeal is sure to inspire others to search out similar styles, and even prompt them to inquire as to where you found such a trendy hat for birthday gatherings. Regardless of if it is a birthday party, or a holiday party, or even just a "whenever" party, one thing is certain, and that is that 1960's apparel will spice up any event.

Get ready to express yourself with a vibrant and highly visible hippie hat, and expect to get great and reassuring compliments from friends and family, regarding your unique choice in stylish hats. As with the 1960's attitude, fashion in general should be about having fun, and playing with different fashionable ideas. Sampling new looks and combinations of styles is a great way to open up new and interesting conversations, and get people talking again, the way they once did way back in the fun 1960's.

by: Woodstock Candy


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