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Wednesday, August 15, 2012
Gumby Toy- Bendable
Bringing up the original gumby television show in conversation will usually put a sweet look of nostalgia on most faces, unless they are too young to remember or haven't been introduced to a gumby toy or an episode. A Gumby Toy- Bendable in most directions will have them becoming fans in no time at all! In the song that opens the Gumby show, Pokey is introduced as Gumby's pony pal, which really meant, his best friend! The Pokey and Gumby figures represent only two of the cast of characters.

The show also features Gumbo, Gumby's father and Gumba, Gumby's mother. The names are a play on Latin words that Art Clokey, Gumby's creator, found comical to include! Gumby's parents are very kind, practicing good manners in all they do, whether they are rescuing their son from impending danger or helping him learn lessons around the house. Gumby bendable figures are a clever way to play along with the Gumby television show, and an exciting way to create new Gumby and Pokey adventures!

Art Clokey created a whole cast of characters that he often included in the original gumby television show episodes. Fine pair of friends called, Prickle and Goo, were created to represent the two kinds of people in this world. There are the prickly people who often pick and criticize others, like Prickle, the yellow clay dragon. Then there are the more laid back, happier types, like Goo. Goo is a sort of flying, blue mermaid who constantly looks out for Prickle without his knowledge. A gumby toy collection should include these two figures for lots of playtime fun!

In the 1980's Minga was added to the Gumby show. She is the spunky, pink little sister to Gumby. A Gumby Toy- Bendable collection should include little Minga for tons of Gumby adventure fun! Enjoy recreating the Minga episode where she is trapped and rescued from a mine shaft, or the one where she is lost in Chinatown. Children today would greatly benefit from the lessons taught in the Gumby show. There are moral meanings to be found in most episodes. For example, in the episodes featuring the Blockheads, they are always shown getting into trouble. They do block headed things that sometimes hurt Gumby or put him in difficult situations. This is frowned upon!

Pokey and Gumby bendable figures were very popular in the past and continue to sell well now, even if they are in the nostalgia section! Many children today might find Gumby figures in their mom or dad's memory boxes and wonder what in the world they are. The quickest way to get the young ones to join the Gumby figures collecting club is to show them the old television episodes. As they get to know Gumby and Pokey, and other beloved characters like, Professor Kapp, the helpful Groobee, Gumby's girlfriend Tara and Nopey the dog, they will most likely fall in love. After all, if you've got a heart, Gumby's a part of YOU!


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