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Friday, August 17, 2012
Over the Hill Headband
A person's fortieth birthday is probably the biggest celebration they will have after they turn sixteen and can drive a car or turns twenty-one and can drink their first beer. It's one of those few years we even have a special name for: over the hill. That's why when it comes to this birthday celebrants should come prepared with some great over the hill birthday ideas.

Over the hill gag gifts that remind the guest of honor they're getting a bit older are always popular- things like a vulture hat or cobweb decorations. It can sound a bit macabre to give gifts that remind a person they're growing older but Over the Hill birthday gifts have become something of a life-affirming tradition. Yes, a person is older but they are going strong! So don't be afraid to pick a gray wig off the shelf or leave a fake tombstone on their lawn with the other decorations.

Over the hill gag gifts work especially well with friends who don't show their age. The forty year old woman training for a decathlon and who still gets carded at the liquor store will probably garner quite a few laughs from the gag gift suggesting she's over the hill. Don't feel obligated to stick with only jokes for presents when you're choosing over the hill gifts, however.

All kidding aside, over the hill gifts not just a reminder that a person has made it to the top of the hill but also that the hard up-hill part is over. Sometimes people say "it's all downhill from here," as though it were a bad thing! Anyone who has every climbed a tall hill knows that the best part is the relaxing, easy walk back down. Remind a friend that all the hobbies they never had money or time for before are still there or of the things they wanted to do when they were younger but couldn't. Over the hill birthday gifts are a way to kid someone into realizing "Hey, you're getting older- but you're not dead yet."

Over the hill birthday ideas can always include the gag gifts that jokingly allude to a person's age, but don't feel obligated to stick to jokes. The fortieth birthday can be one of the more important years of a person's life. It's an opportunity to remember all they've done in their life and then discover that there's time left to do so much more.

by: Woodstock Candy


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