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Friday, January 11, 2013

The 1950s were an era that continues to bring about pleasant memories. The 1950s were a time of prosperity as World War II ended. The soldiers came home from the war and purchased homes in the suburbs. The United States was the military power of the world, and there were babies and more babies that were being born. It was the baby boom.

The fifties were the era of poodle skirts and coordinating sweaters. Television was the newest electronic in the home. There were beach parties, and stay home moms.  American Bandstand was the latest teen's rage and most families resembled the "Leave it to Beaver" television program. As a popular sitcom indicated - it was a time of "Happy Days". Children played games like hopscotch, and jacks. Families always ate their meals together at the kitchen table.

Department stores like Woolworth and Kress were called the five and dime. Children walked to the neighborhood's general store and the shopkeeper knew the children and their parents. There was the maypole at school on May Day. The people that lived during the 1950s reminisce of the pleasant memories of that time frame.

Many of the memories of the 1950s are the ones from the baby boomers and the sweets that were eaten.
Baby boomers remember the candies of the fifties. The 1950s candies came in many flavors and the price of the candy was affordable. If the child in the 1950s had a penny, candy could be purchased. Children walked to the store and parents were not worried about anyone doing any harm to them.

Some of the candies that the baby boomers enjoyed were candy cigarettes, and bubblegum cigars. When those candies were enjoyed in the 50s, it was ok and fashionable to smoke. Most baby boomers remember when each child had their own package of candy cigarettes that usually cost a nickel. Many of the baby boomers enjoyed candies that cost a penny. Some of those penny candies were: Coconut Long Boys; Banana Split Candy; BB Bats; Peppermint Sticks; and Now and Later, to name but a few. The child at the store usually had a difficult time choosing, when a nickel or dime could purchase a paper bag full.

The 1950s candies also included candy bars. Most of the candy bars cost a nickel, with a few costing a dime. The candy bars were large and could be shared with the best friend or sibling. The candy bars that baby boomers enjoyed were: Zagnuts, Zero, Baby Ruth, Butterfingers and Pay Day.

The candies of the 1950s were enjoyed and never forgotten by the baby boomers. Many boomers enjoy stepping back in history and reminiscing of times long past and goodies that have never been forgotten. The individual that is fortunate enough to locate and purchase those yummy 1950s candies may enjoy sharing the candy of their youth with the youth of today.

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