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Wednesday, March 20, 2013
When parents buy things for their children they will often have a lot of options. There are so many different iconic characters from different television shows and games. Many parents may be surprised to find that their children are still interested in some of the shows that have been around for decades. Parents that buy things like lunchboxes may be looking for themes from newer shows, but the Sesame Street lunch box represents what is still one of the most popular shows for kids, and with the award-winning formula that the PBS show has kept pristine and new for almost 44 years, one of the shows that no one will disapprove of a child watching. So why not encourage this healthy interest by getting one for your child?  In many areas, parents would have a difficult time trying to find something like this in stores, so an online search might be the best and only way to find one.
For many parents it is worth their time and effort to find products like this. Parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles can get this gift without worrying about whether they have chosen the character that the child favors the most, because all of the favorites are present on the front of the Sesame Street Lunch Box – Bert, Ernie, the Count, the Cookie Monster, Elmo and Oscar the Grouch are all present on the front panel.

But another way to look at this adorable lunch box is from the standpoint that Sesame Street premièred on PBS in November of 1969.  That would mean that kids who began watching the show when they were five or six years old are now nearing the Big 5-0.  And there’s a very good chance that anyone who is that age or younger personally spent time in front of their TV in the company of Big Bird, Bert & Ernie and the rest of the Sesame Street Gang.  Any one of those 30 to 50 year old birthday boys or girls will have a hard time suppressing a smile when presented with a reminder of their childhood.  Some of those tough old guys might even get a tear in their eye, remembering those snow days or summer vacation days, spent chasing the clouds away at Sesame Street.

Since so many people have started brown-bagging their lunch, either due to tightened economics, shorter lunch periods or the desire to eat healthy and avoid fast foods, this Sesame Street Lunch Box might just be the perfect gift for that 30, 40 or 50 something birthday celebration coming up.  It is reasonably priced, nicely made and just as cute as a button.  And it wouldn’t even have to be used as a lunch box; as a gift item, it could be stuffed with nostalgic candy from the era of the recipient’s childhood, a bottle of cologne or even a diamond bracelet.  The possibilities as a gift item for an adult who has fond Sesame Street memories are endless.

If this gift idea looks like a good idea, you might want to click here.  Woodstock Candy specializes in retro candy and gifts.  Their online store is a delight for candy lovers, nostalgia buffs, gift givers and birthday party ideas.  Take a virtual walk down memory lane.

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