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Friday, February 1, 2013

A 60th birthday gift basket should be fun and heartfelt. But how do you come up with the right amount and the perfect contents for the individual gift basket? The first thing to do is make a list of some small things that the person you are giving the gift to likes. Think about candy, small trinkets, souvenirs, photographs and entertainment clues to get your started.

You can even think outside the box and include personal or family icons or relics to make the gift basket a more individualized touch. If you are looking for candy then think of the holiday season and maybe include some chocolates, hard and soft candy, international candy and other assorted treats. The important thing is to make it original and special for that specific person. You want it to be lighthearted and heart-felt. Sincerity is key and including a hand made card would be a nice touch.

In addition, you may even include gift certificates, flowers, or other adventurous things to this gift basket. Most of all, you want it to pop out and stand alone. Include things the person will never forget. Maybe include some inserts of their favorite television show or magnets from places you have traveled with them. Get adventurous and add an audio device for them to play or a CD of burned music. These are all different and unique ways to make this gift special for your companion's 60th birthday. Thinking outside the box is not easy. You can research ideas online to discover new ways to make your gift extra special.

There are so many roads you can go down for ideas. For example, if you are keen on edible items, go with a fruit basket or candy basket. If you would like to branch out into a new territory of keepsakes, then include pictures, memorabilia items, and photographs from the past, souvenirs from vacations or places they traveled to. It would also go a long way to find out what interests and hobbies that person has. If they are music lovers you can add in iTunes music cards or gift certificates into the mix to make it a worthwhile gift. Above all, have fun with this project. You will want to enjoy the process as much as the act of giving. Hopefully, they will receive it with a smile and be grateful you went out of your way to create something singular and unique for their 60th birthday celebration

by: Woodstock Candy


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