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Friday, February 15, 2013

If you are looking for a special gift, or a nostalgic way to celebrate your childhood, then look no further. Take a stroll down memory lane with candies of the 80s. They make great conversation pieces when you are looking to relive memories of this time period.

Some candies of the 80s would also be a wonderful item to bring to a class reunion. You and your friends will recall memories of buying and eating Laffy Taffy in the softball dugout. Remember when you read the jokes on the Laffy Taffy wrappers and laughed until your stomach hurt? Don't forget about stuffing your cheeks with Big League Chewing Gum, pretending as if it were real "chew".

Another memory was giving unsuspecting adults Airheads or Sour Patch Kids, then watching them squint their eyes and raise their eyebrows from the sour blast they got from the candy. No time but in the 1980's, was there ever such a selection of tart, sour, face puckering candy! The 1980's definitely ruled in the sour candy department..

Pop rocks were another popular candy from the 80s. The way they fizzled and popped was like an explosion in your mouth. Sometimes they stung your tongue a little bit when they sizzled and cracked.
Gummy bears were also a favorite candy. They were soft and chewy and the flavors offered a gentle sweetness in your mouth. These were popular candies served as a snack. Swedish fish are similar in consistency but had its own unique flavor. Those red candy fish were a delight in your mouth.

Do you remember wearing a ring pop on your finger? You may have pretended it was an engagement ring. At any rate, the lure to eat this candy prevented you from wearing this ring for very long.  Smarties were candies that often were thrown out at parades. You and your friends will have fun recalling how you raced to the streets when Smarties were thrown from a float in a parade. Their sugary sweetness melted in your mouth.

Twizzlers are licorice that were popular choices to take on vacations and trips. Since they didn't melt, they were the perfect candy to eat in the summer. They could be purchased in a large bag or individually wrapped, depending on the quantity you needed.

When you order a box of candy memories from the 80's, you will get a mixture of the above candies, plus others too. It is like buying a time capsule. You, your friends, and your family, will have fun reminiscing about days gone by. Buy a box for yourself, someone else, or to share at a class reunion.

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