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Saturday, March 9, 2013
Your friend is sick or has just had surgery and you want to send them something, but flowers seem too common or cheesy to you. A card isn't enough and money might seem impersonal and not appropriate. There are some great alternatives out there to the traditional get-well gift ideas and sending a Get Well Candy Basket is one of them.

Flowers will wilt and die. Unless you are sending a plant, that beautiful floral arrangement isn't likely to last more than perhaps a week maybe two if a person gets lucky. This has often been sighted as one of the downfalls of flowers. They die and are no longer something a person wants to look at and so they get tossed. A handful of people might try drying them to preserve the bouquet but face it; even then they can fall apart and create a mess that has to be swept up.  A candy basket won’t have this weakness, and will provide a delicious alternative to flower bouquets.

Chances are you probably know what type of candy your loved one likes, but knowing their favorite type of flower isn't as likely. There are many ways of choosing which way to go with the candy basket. One way to go is to choose to make the basket yourself. You can pick out the basket and the candy that is to go in it and arrange it however you desire. If you don't have the time to do this or perhaps you want your Get Well Candy Basket to look more professional than what you can do, consider ordering a basket from a florist, online, or from another company that specializes in delivering gifts.

There are a great variety of candy baskets available. Many are tailored by gender for men or women. Usually this is based on the look of the basket and according to color. Candy baskets are also made to appeal to children and teens offering a wide variety of different candies for different tastes. You can even find them based on your relationship with the person such as a coworker or best friend. These baskets are most often prearranged and you can see the final product in a photo online or in person if you're buying from a store. The look and contents of these get well gifts is very vast.

Some Get Well Candy Baskets are made to actually sort of resemble a floral arrangement. These usually include a lot of colored candies like suckers and taffy. Others may be a plain basket filled with candy to look nice. Many online companies even allow for personalization of the candy in the baskets. Other baskets may include more than just candy with something like a gift card. The variety is endless.

Giving a candy basket is something unique. It is a get well present that is not likely to be immediately forgotten amongst the flowers. It's a gift worth giving.

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