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Friday, March 22, 2013
People are always interested in buying things that their children will adore. It can be difficult to decide on a particular character because there are so many new television shows that surface each year.  One of the TV shows that continue to remain a staple is Sesame Street. Kids have loved these characters for many years, and Elmo is one of the most popular Muppets from this long running television series.  This is one reason that the Elmo Mug will always be a popular item.

Kids are really impressed with this great mug because it shows off the delightful furry red character that America has continued to love.  This is great mug that parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles can purchase.  It’s a nice gift that compliments all the other Sesame Street toys that children usually already have.  Elmo mug continues to be in demand because the character has been revamped several times. The stuffed toys have generated a demand for this furry little character that teaches children about letters, colors and lots of other things. 

It is a common misconception, however, to believe that children are the only ones that will appreciate these mugs. Elmo has been around for quite some time. As a matter of a fact, he’s been a recurring character on the Street “where the air is free” since the early 70’s.  That would make the eternally 3-1/2 year old Elmo 40-something at this point, so it goes without saying that some children that are now adults, might get a warm and fuzzy feeling when they see that warm and fuzzy red guy on a mug.  That's is why it’s a great gift for some adults, too. There are certainly lots of adults that still think of this furry little character as their good buddy.

One should consider buying this gift for some of their adult friends as well, and especially if they’re almost as old as Elmo (Hint: great 40th Birthday gift!).  And it would be a great companion present for the Sesame Street lunch boxes that are available  at Woodstock Candy and are absolutely adorable.  Believe it or not, there are two different models of Sesame Street lunch boxes, and one is cuter than the next.  Since brown bagging has become a more popular option at lunchtime, a cool lunchbox might just come in handy for a healthy, not-fast-food lunch.  And after coworkers see the lunchbox, they’ll know who that Elmo mug belongs to.   

Mugs continue to be a popular gift item, and with good reason. These sturdy drinking cups are very valuable to many people, since the ones given as gifts can remind the recipient of the occasion when they were given.  Who doesn’t like a nice warm and fuzzy memory along with their morning coffee or tea?

If you are interested in finding our more about these great gift ideas, click here.  Woodstock Candy specializes in retro candy and gift baskets for every occasion.  The online store is a delight for candy lovers, nostalgia buffs and gift givers.  The birthday party ideas and fun facts about days gone by are great.  Take a virtual walk down memory lane at Woodstock Candy.

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