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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Wild blonde afro hair will turn heads – especially if it is a wig. Switching things up with the unexpected is a simple way to stand out in a crowd and get some laughs. A hilarious afro wig makes an unforgettable gag gift or a creative costume addition that no one will soon forget.

Afro hair is most commonly associated with the bell-bottoms and disco music of the ‘70s. Whether the occasion is a milestone birthday party, Halloween gathering, or block party, a blonde afro wig will add the finishing touch to bell-bottoms and a bright, groovy shirt. Whether a person really did have a blonde afro of his own way back when or one is simply adopting the role for the night, this wig ensures a good time and is sure to wow other party goers.

Blonde afro hair wigs are also popular accessories at big social gatherings such as parades and sports events. An afro wig with a visor will provide laughs as well as protection from the sun during outdoor events. In fact, if the afro is crazy enough, one might even earn a few seconds on camera during a big football game. Although the effect is bigger when afro hair is worn by someone who is bald, plenty of young adults can also enjoy slipping into a new ‘do for the afternoon.

Men who have gone completely bald might find themselves having a blast with a blonde afro wig. They might purchase the wig to play a joke on their friends and family. Big, poofy hair is bound to get some hilarious reactions of shock before everyone disintegrates in laughter.

Or the wig could serve a slightly different purpose as a gag gift. Someone with a great sense of humor might give it to a balding man on his 60th birthday. While everyone else is giving the birthday boy predictable gifts like sweaters or wine, the clever gift-giver has a present that will be the hit of the party that will create countless photo ops. After presents are opened, everyone can have a chance at wearing the blonde afro and create pictures and memories that will last long after the party ends.

It is precisely this part of dressing up to play a role that makes wearing a blonde wig so alluring. With so many style options of blonde afro wigs to choose from, it is possible to have fun adopting any of a number of persona.

From Nicki Minaj to Lady Gaga, an afro wig will make it easy to slip into character. Again, this could make a great joke on someone whose idol is a celebrity who has worn the hairstyle themselves.

There are many interesting reasons a customer may be shopping for blonde afro hair. The one bound to get the most reactions, however, is as a gag gift to a bald man. It certainly is a unique present and it will stand alone as one that surely no one else will have thought to give.

by: Woodstock Candy


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