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Monday, April 1, 2013

A person only has one 50th birthday in their lifetime and that my friends, is unquestionably one of the most memorable days of anyone's life - so why not make it as special as it really is. The following is a guide to help you to give that special person in your life the absolutely most remarkable fiftieth birthday celebration ever. 

When trying to decide on whether or not to give your loved one a Big Five-O Retro 50th Birthday Party, ask yourself the following questions:

Does the person that is turning 50 like to have fun?

What different kinds of people will be getting an invitation to the party?

Does the person that is turning 50 like to have fun?

Is it going to be small gathering with just family and friends or will it be a big bash with lots of friends, family, and coworkers?

Does the person that is turning 50 like to have fun?

How many people will be attending?

Where will the gathering be held?
Does the person that is turning 50 like to have fun?

I guess the big question is, “Does the person that is turning 50 like to have fun”?  Chances are, they do!

Deciding on the type of birthday party to give and getting it all together can be as much fun as the party itself, if you know where to shop. You can find some really great and unique 50th birthday party favors and gifts online and for some really good prices, too. It’s all a matter of looking around for the best online store (hint: Woodstock Candy) with the best and most unique items. You don’t want to give the same old party as everyone else; you want the fiftieth birthday party that you throw to be the best ever.

Have everyone dress up retro style from the late 60’s to early 70’s for the party and play music from that time period. Then hand out party favors and retro candy that will make everyone laugh until their Afros go limp. Don’t forget to play some fun games such as: Spin The Bottle Of Mylanta, Simon Says Something Incoherent, Mother May I Go Pee, or Pin The Hair On The Bald Guy. You can make up some of your own games, too; just be sure to give out some awesome party favors and don’t forget some appropriate décor with stuff like candy cigarettes, candy necklaces, peace signs and a Woodstock poster.  It would be a lot of fun too, if you could find some of the toys of the era.  Place them on the tables and watch as the party goers act like five year olds as they fight over who gets to play with the Slinkies, Matchbox cars, Mr. Potato Heads, Gumbies, Wooley Willies, wood glider airplanes, Silly Putt, yoyos and Pickup Stix.

There is simply no limit to the retro fun that you and your guest can have at a Big Five-O Retro Fiftieth Birthday Party. Click here, and discover for yourself all of the fun party ideas, gifts, and decorations that you can get to make your next retro party the most happening party around.

by: Woodstock Candy


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