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Thursday, May 2, 2013
Turning 50 is seen as a big milestone in society. While many see it as the beginning of old age, others see it as marker of maturity and life experience. Celebrating it is one of the big memories in life, but finding the right gift for someone turning the big 5-0 can difficult for some. What you choose to get someone should reflect their interests, likes, and even their sense of humor.  Here are some ideas for special 50th birthday gifts.

As we get older we get a lot more memories but some of the fondest are often t
hose from childhood. Things like toys, food, and candy are best remembered. This makes giving a basket of retro candy a creative edge. It caters to things the birthday man or woman likes, enjoys, and brings back those good old memories of days gone by. Using this idea, you can either buy a pre-made basket specifically made with retro candy from 50 years back or you can find out just what your family member or friend likes and custom tailor it to their long lived preferences. This concept could also work well as party favors and treats laid out at a 50th birthday party. Kids and adults alike are bound to enjoy this gift idea.

If you know it will go over OK, then you can appeal to the humorous side of being 50, old, and "over the hill" as the saying goes. It's pretty simple to find special 50th birthday gift ideas using this concept. It's found in cards, award ribbons, gift baskets, and more. One funny way of doing this is by doing '50 sucks' basket. This is simply giving a basket full of fifty different lollipop suckers with a card saying 50 sucks. Humor relieves tension and stress as well as bringing a smile to many faces.

For individuals who are completely and totally blank as what to give a man or woman for their 50th birthday there is the good old standby, money. Money can be used for whatever purpose a person pleases and for their own personal enjoyment. One way to make giving money a little more personal to the occasion is to give them $50, a dollar for each year they have lived here on Earth. You can give it any way you want using a standard $50 or otherwise, though some may find it more funny or interesting to give it in 50 individual $1 bills. How much you may choose to give a person is your own choice but this is a simple and easy solution for the undecided gift giver.

Fifty can be a really fun age. Typically at this age most people are quite independent and know who they are. It's a time of adventure and celebrating 50 is an accomplishment, even if some folks are panicked about reaching that point. Special 50th birthday gift ideas are not that hard to find with a just little bit of searching. Have fun looking for the right present!

by: Woodstock Candy


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