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Sunday, October 13, 2013
Get well candy baskets are designed to turn that frown upside down. When someone you know is under the weather, or nursing an injury, sending a candy basket will let them know you are thinking of them. Candy baskets do more than delight a sweet tooth, they show a person that you really care and put a smile on the face of people that are suffering. You could make a get well gift basket filled with candy, but it looks much more professional when you buy one.

Get well candy baskets have a variety of options for people to choose from. You can send a basket filled with retro candies or candy that is popular right now. Retro candy is ideal for adults, who will love strolling down memory lane while they eat the delicious goodies from their candy basket. Younger patients are likely prefer a candy basket that is filled with all the most popular candies currently sold.

What kind of candy might be found in a get well soon candy basket? If the basket has a nostalgic theme it is likely to have things turkish taffy, Pop Rocks, Pixy Sticks, Dots, Razzles, and Chuckles. A standard candy basket would have things like Fun Dip, Red Hots, Good & Plenty, Smarties, and Bubble Gum Cigars. A basket made specially for kids might include Skittles, Swedish Fish, Nerds, and Warheads. A kids basket might even have some retro favorites like Pop Rocks, Pixy Sticks, and Razzles.

Get well candy baskets are designed to put a smile on their recipients face. If someone you know is sick, or injured and you can’t be there to comfort them, a candy gift basket lets them know they are on your mind. Sometimes knowing a person cares enough to send a gift basket can help lift a person’s spirits when they are down. You can add a message along with the candy, so they know you are thinking of them during their time of need.

A nostalgic get well soon candy basket can be sent to a person’s home, work, or even to their hospital bedside. Hospital patients will love eating the candy from the basket more than they love the hospital food they are getting served. Plus, there is plenty of candy for them to share with their visitors and caregivers. When someone is recovering at home, a candy gift basket can take care of their sweet tooth while they take care of themselves.            

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