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Thursday, October 17, 2013
What better gift for a young child or adult that watches Sesame Street than a Tickle Me Elmo Sesame Street Mug. Elmo is that red monster with plenty of fur who hosts the last part of the Sesame Street Show. He has a high voice that children love. His voice has been performed by several actors over the years.

The Elmo character is 3-1/2 years old and he always talks about himself in the third person. The Elmo character has appeared on the Rosie O'Donnell Show, Emeril Live, and The Tony Danza Show. In 1996 a Tickle Me Elmo Doll became a very popular toy. Now this 12 ounce ceramic Elmo mug with gift box makes a great gift for children or adults.

The gift box that this trendy mug comes with makes it easy wrap. It is a great gift for a young child's birthday party. When you have to bring a gift, the Sesame Street Mug will be a big hit with kids and parents. Kids can drink juice, milk, or soda from the mug while feeling like adults at home.

You can throw a special party for your toddler or young child and order this mug as a gift for everyone. It can be Winter Party to help everyone get out of the winter doldrums. Serve hot chocolate in the fancy Elmo mugs with your favorite cookies. This can be a party for adults too.

Think the Sesame Street mug is only for children? Well, its not. Some adults love Elmo. The mug can be used at work for coffee, tea, juice or water. It is an attractive mug that brightens up a gloomy rainy day. It’s a great mug to give to co-workers or friends for the holidays or on special occasion.

The "Tickle Elmo" mug with the bright red Elmo character fits into the Christmas holiday season. It makes a great stocking stuffer or grab bag gift for clubs or work. Kids will love drinking out of their Elmo mug during the holiday season. The week off after Christmas is the good time to use it.

The mug can be a trendy gift for college student who likes to be different. Anyone that likes Elmo will enjoy drinking out of this colorful mug. Order this mug for holidays, birthdays, office parties, grab bags or just everyday use. It's very useful and decorative mug too.   

by: Woodstock Candy


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