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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Anyone born in 1974 will be turning 40 years old this year. Turning 40 has long been a dreaded age. Forty was once considered to be middle-age, assuming you expect (or hope) to live to be 80. Just think of all the changes, both good and bad, that have occurred over the last 40 years. Most modern music doesn’t sound like the music of the 70’s. Fashions, hair color and what about piercings? Anyone born in 1974 is probably not considering a belly-button ring, or even a tongue piercing, which is so common in 2014. On the other hand, there might be some forty-year-olds, in an attempt to stay young, that are coloring their hair with streaks of pink or blue as is the trend in 2014.

Fashion in 1974 was one of a kind. Bell bottom slacks and platform shoes were in style. The flared pants were popular with both men and women. The style was that they were frequently worn around the hips, below the waist, and were usually very tight fitting. The slacks got the name bell bottoms because the flare started at the knee and had the look of a bell as it got larger going down the lower leg to the ankle. This style was carried over from the late 60’s hippy trend.

Whatever the person turning 40 thinks about being a little older, anyone would enjoy a 1974 Hippies - 40th Birthday Gift. Reviews from people who have sent these gifts indicate they are quite appreciated and enjoyed by anyone turning 40. They are fun to send and even more fun to receive. There are many types of 1974 Hippies - 40th Birthday Gifts to choose from, a range of prices, and a variety of candies and toys remembered from that beloved year. They are also hand-packed in some version of a gift box that either indicates the year or the age of the birthday person. Face it 40-year-olds – you have hit that golden age you once thought was “old”, so why not enjoy it! 

by: Woodstock Candy


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